Service proposition

The HPIMC Financial Planning Service Proposition is built upon the principles of expert advice, professional objectivity, a dedicated approach to client service and financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Helping individuals and businesses to accumulate, preserve and transfer their wealth has become more complex over the past few years.

With so many choices available to the individual it is essential that you have access to the right advisers to look after your finances both now and in the future.

Our philosophy is that our approach will be simple based, providing you with practical and relevant financial advice, taking into consideration all of your objectives along with your attitude towards investment risk. Your personal Financial Adviser will adopt a comprehensive, holistic approach to their advice process, aimed at providing the most suitable solutions for your needs.

We will work with you on an on-going basis, proactively, to ensure that growth within your investments is maximised, your portfolio remains in line with your objectives, tax efficient, and where possible, you are able to access sufficient income relative to your needs in the future.

How will this service benefit you?

The service is designed to make your money work harder, satisfy your objectives and generally make the investment process an enjoyable and easier experience.

Various factors will be employed to assist with the realisation of our obligations to you including:

  • Obtaining discounted rates for annual management charges on investment funds.
  • You will access the majority of funds at NO INITIAL CHARGE, therefore saving as much as 5.5% at outset.
  • Typically NO CHARGE to ‘switch’ investment funds.
  • Ensuring your portfolio is tax efficient using a selection of products designed for this purpose.
  • Providing information through regular reviews on portfolio performance and valuations.
  • Ensuring that there are no barriers in place, within our control, which would impede your access to withdrawals from the investment if requested.
  • Easy access to cash sums when requested and appropriate.
  • Flexibility of contributions into your portfolio.
  • The ability to change investment direction and strategy when required.
  • Access to a large range of investment funds, across a variety of market leading institutions.
  • Access to Discretionary Fund Management offering unique and advanced investment strategies.
  • Access to portfolio rebates, therefore reducing your annual charges.
  • Access to your own personal adviser.
How can we achieve this new service approach?
Please refer to Our Investment Proposition.

What will I have to pay for this service?

As mentioned previously, a flat annual fee will be charged for the service and this will cover the administrative and management costs. In the event that your asset allocation requires re-alignment or some funds require switching to an alternative fund, this will be carried out with your permission, with no additional charge irrespective of the number of changes made.

Should you wish to keep some cash in reserve an interest bearing cash account is available. This will allow instant access when you require it.

The long term

The proposed service is about working together over the long term. The platforms we use will simplify the management of your portfolio and help you to gain a greater understanding of your investments. Through working together with your own personal adviser, you will be assisted in meeting your personal and financial goals.


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