Everybody needs to plan for their retirement, ensuring that when they finish working they have adequate financial resources to maintain their standard of living.

With people living for longer it is now even more important to think about how you can save for this event.  A pension is one of the most effective ways in which to do this because you can get tax relief on the money you save in a pension scheme.

It is vital to seek professional guidance to make sure the correct planning is arranged. 

At HPIMC we have the expertise to provide pension advice, whether you are currently employed and considering funding for retirement, close to retirement and looking to maximise your income, seeking information for your employees, or are a trustee of a pension fund or self employed.

Our financial advisers can recommend suitable financial products and advice within the following areas:

Personal Pensions

At its most basic, a pension is a fund that you build up over your working life in order to provide income for yourself in retirement.

Group Pensions

This type of plan is a cluster of personal pensions set up by an insurance company for an employer. Each employee has his or her own pension “pot” under the administrative umbrella of the employer. Both the employer and the employee would normally contribute to the plan.

Specialist Pensions

Advice can be in the following areas:

  • Alternatively secured pension
  • Group scheme wind-ups
  • Pensions and divorce
  • Personal pension analysis and reports
  • Pre and post retirement plan
  • SIPP - Including property and discretionary management advice
  • SASS and exclusive pension reviews and wind-ups
  • Syndicated SIPP commercial property purchase and advice
  • Transfer value analysis reporting and recommendations 
  • Unsecured pensions


Until the late 1990s, annuities were the traditional and only way of providing income and, for those with small pensions funds or limited resources, they continue to be an attractive option.
An annuity is usually guaranteed to pay a pre-determined income for life.

Taking your pension benefits

The amounts paid out from a pension plan are usually as a tax-free lump sum and/or a regular pension. It could also include death benefits.